• Femen Activist Amina Arrested Near Historic Mosque in Kairouan

    By Tristan Dreisbach | May 20 2013 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    Amina Kairouan Femen

    Amina being arrested in Kairouan, May 19, 2013. Image courtesy Nawaat YouTube video.

    The controversial Tunisian activist known as Amina, who posted topless pictures of herself online as part of the Femen activist campaign earlier this year, was arrested Sunday in Kairouan.

    She had announced Friday on her Facebook page that she would appear in Kairouan in anticipation of the expected annual congress of the Salafist organization Ansar al-Sharia, and would protest against that group. The gathering was canceled, but there was a strong security presence along with a number of journalists.

    Around fifty onlookers surrounded Amina when she made her appearance on Sunday, some yelling at her and demanding that she leave, according to a Tunisia Live reporter on the ground in Kairouan. After about five minutes, she was arrested and escorted to a police van. Video of the arrest was posted online by the Nawaat blog.

    Amina appeared to have painted the wordFemen on the wall of a cemetery near the al-Okba mosque, along with anti-Salafist slogans, but she did not expose herself at any point.

    The Ministry of Interior asserted that a young woman was arrested in Kairouan on charges of immoral acts, according to state news agency TAP, referring to Amina.

    In March, Amina became the first Tunisian to participate in the campaign of the Ukraine-based Femen activist group, posting topless pictures of herself online with political slogans painted on her torso. Such protests are the primary tactic of the organization’s activism, and Amina became a focus of Femen’s international campaigns during a period in which the group claimed she was being held against her will by family members.

    At least two people interviewed on Tunisian radio station Mosaique FM since the arrest threatened to take legal action against Amina for her actions in Kairouan.

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      How can you post comments like these, Tunisia live? This person is clearly making death threats against a young woman who’s already under pressure from extremists. It’s not okay.

    1. “The controversial Tunisian activist known as Amina…”

      This chick is no controversial nor an activist, stop reporting on a non newsworthy story…unless you want to be a non serious tabloid that is.

      This chick is mentally unstable and most Tunisian’s know that…I just hope no nutcase goes and assaults her or something and makes a hero out of her with some circles in Tunisia (the tunisia_live circle that is)

    2. she deserves to live in freedom and even if you dont agree with her you are not to judge her dead…She may not be mentally ill but you surely are to make comments like that….See people like you are the reason the country can’t go forward. Shame on you and your like.

    3. sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you – so ignore these childish rantings from people who are clearly mentally ill and who have learned bad words in English rather than the good ones – like freedom, forgiveness and live and let live.

    4. Ha, I like your point of view. Actually you are right. Well, culture shapes us to the extent that if we do not comply, some would ‘argue’ (if that is an argument) that you loose the right to live.

      Atheist, muslim, christian, whatever you might be: How can you decide on the right of life/death? People are, and always have been too arrogant to think they know best and have the world in their hands.

    5. This young lady, must be supported by any civilise human been on earth and tunesien, always remember the principle’s and valour of your great revolution for FREEDOM

    6. Amina appeared to have painted the word “Femen” on the wall of a cemetery near the al-Okba mosque, along with anti-Salafist slogans,
      but she did not expose herself at any point.

      Anyone who demands the death sentence for this Tunisian young woman on account of the action on her part described in the article ought definitely to have his head examined – to say the least.
      If necessary, I can provide the address of a qualified neurologist or psychiatrist abroad.

    7. This girl has been arrested for tagging a cemetary(vandalism) and holding an aerosol without having a permit, she is a criminal under the law thats all

    8. Just as Europeans and American think their ways are right, so do other countries.It is very simple, if you live in a country respect their laws.

    9. Lots of possibilities. There will be some cnmteoms vehemently disagreeing with me soon I think, and will make very valid points about Femen. Frankly some of them I dislike a great deal. Like the ones that attack church property in Russia and disrupt services there. One knows Catholics are not going to harm you and Catholics have no penalty for apostates and no compulsion to belong. So the moral equivalence of treating them the same as Muslims is bad logic at best.But this, well whatever it is they actually felt, took guts. I wish more people would do similar things, although not necessarily naked, everywhere. Hell there are more people standing up to the fascist Muslims in Tunisia and Egypt now than there is in France and England in this way it appears.