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    Tunisian Court Sentences Femen Topless Protesters to Four Months in Prison

    By Asma Smadhi | Jun 12 2013 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    Femen activists protesting this morning in Tunis. Image courtesy a YouTube video posted by Nawaat.

    The three European Femen activists who a staged a topless protest in Tunis last month were convicted this afternoon and sentenced to a four-month imprisonment for “offending public decency and threatening pubic order.”

    Two of these Femen activists are French and were identified by Femen as Pauline Hillier and Marguerite Stern. The third is a German named Josephine Markmann.

    The activists’ trial today was a resumption of one that began last week. They were arrested after staging a topless protest in front of Tunisia’s Palace of Justice courthouse on May 29 in support of Tunisian Femen activist Amina Sboui, who was at the time charged with carrying an incendiary object.

    Femen activists in Spain, France, and Turkey have staged a series of topless protests in front of Tunisian embassies and consulates in support of Sboui.

    Amina Sboui, also known as Amina Tyler, was the first Tunisian to post topless pictures of herself online as part of the Femen campaign. She was arrested in the city of Kairouan last month after painting the word Femen on the wall of a cemetery. Amina was convicted of possessing an illegal gas spray and was fined. She still faces serious charges of offending public decency, forming an accord with Femen, and desecrating a cemetery.

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      At last the giverment got a grip on the situation of these degrading and prostitute like femen protesting topless in a sociaty that is different to theirs keep up the good who ever yoy are.

      • Ramzy the Dummy,
        I would recommend you stop commenting in English your spelling and English skills suck. So does your ideas about life in general..

        • Uh, FunckyBouda (English expert) – that should be “So do your ideas…”.

          Has no one noticed the classic typo at the end of the first paragraph? “…and threatening pubic order.”!

          • Ken,

            You made my day!

            Well pubic order could be threaten I guess! Specially when not shaved and exposed to a part of the human body.

    1. disgusting sentence…o but Salifasts get freed or suspended sentence….yea way to go that makes sense right….

      • It’s a Muslim government they have no brains. Violence and killing is not as important as sex. Even though their hero prophet had sex with anything that moves including a 9 year old girl and women whose husbands he killed the same day.

        • SKANDER:: great description of the origins of islam., regarding the rights of women. full exploitation from the foundations.
          puting these protesting women in jail is surely stupid. their goal is women’s entitlement and female enlightenment. the salafists only want to force every one to return to the dark ages with no regard to the needs and wants of educated, forward viewing tunisians, men and women.. catering to ignorant camel jockys is regressive to be polite.
          bon journe! ronn

    2. I came specifically to tn-live after refusing to read this rag anymore to check about these 3 chicks.

      I read somewhere else that they got 4 months…and lo and behold…front page here…

      Terrorism in Tn, inflation, issues with the constitution, Nawaat publishing a corruption scheme ran by Caied Essebsi, Military and police lack of professionalism, political environment not that good…..and freaking tn_live is writing about some stupid dumb issues….go head tabloid tunisia_live…

    3. ……..so would they have gotten off scott free if they had set fire to a building, killed someone or damaged government property.This has done nothing more than make a joke out of the judicial system in Tunisia. Those in charge there don’t have a clue. Has this judge never seen a boob before. Maybe he wouldn’t be so frustrated if he had!!

    4. In some states you may get charged with a class b misdemeanor which could result in a 180 days jail time and/or $2,000 fine.
      (a) (1) (A) A person commits the offense of public indecency who, in a public place, as defined in subdivision (a)(2)(B), knowingly or intentionally.

    5. Ahmed, thanks for enlightening us. It could have been better, you know, if you told us the country you’re talking about. But that’s fine, since we all share what you seem to be thanking and all come come from the same background and our visions of the self/other is similar as well.