Nidaa Tounes, Major Opposition Party, Calls for Dissolution of Government

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Beji Caid Essebsi, July 4, 2013. Image courtesy Nidaa Tounes Facebook page

Beji Caid Essebsi, July 4, 2013. Image courtesy Nidaa Tounes Facebook page

Major Tunisian opposition party Nidaa Tounes called for the dissolution of the country’s current government in a statement released this evening.

In the press release, signed by the party’s leader and potential presidential candidate Beji Caid Essebsi, Nidaa Tounes leaders call to replace Tunisia’s current government with a new “national salvation government” composed of national political figures and experts.

Nidaa Tounes Spokesperson Lazhar Akermi confirmed the party’s call to dissolve the government in a phone call with Tunisia Live this evening.

Referring to the country’s “deteriorating social situation,” the Nidaa Tounes press communique detailed several of the party’s grievances with the country’s current rulers.

According to the party, Tunisia’s current government is “marked by the absence of electoral legitimacy and consensus,” and the new constitution being drafted in the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) has been dominated by the ruling Ennahdha party and its “allies.”

The communique also criticized “the infiltration of state institutions by incompetent individuals,” “the exploitation of the justice system for use against rivals,” and “the incitement of violence to a degree that threatens the political and civilian stakeholders.”

The party detailed several additional problems that it believes have yet to be addressed in post-revolutionary Tunisia by the current government, such as “price increases which burden citizens, the continuing marginalization of unemployed youth from work, and pursuing a biased political recruiting process.”

Besides the dissolution of the current government, Nidaa Tounes expressed several other demands in the communique, including implementing a clear road map for upcoming elections, forming a technical commission charged to reform the constitution, and dissolving the Leagues for the Protection of the Revolution (LPR), a controversial group that critics accuse of using violent means to advance the goals of the ruling Ennahdha party.

Nidaa Tounes announced the party’s demands following a meeting of the party’s executive bureau this evening.

“The Nidaa Tounes leadership is totally aligned with the people's will and youth, and it announces that now it’s time to reconsider the whole path towards transitional democracy,” the communique claimed.

The statement comes after this week’s events culminating in the ousting of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

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      Kaed essebsi is a comedian who thrives on discord and anarchy because that is how him and his ideas came about.

    1. The downfall of the morsi regime comes from need of the citizens of egyptians to basic life needs and is not political. As is portrayed in the media.

    2. There is no comparison between the islamic mouvement in egypt and tunisia. In that in tunisia there is unity and purpose

    3. Ya sibsi yaa kelb yaa mujrem Teseer haja fi tunis nwarrook. Yaa mareedh taaddi elbaki fi omrok fil sijn.

    4. How can Nidaa tounes makes a grave mistake like this. trying to show that the party is concerned with inflation, unempolyment and the well being of the nation to appeal to the youth whou are following the events in Egypte cleraly proove that the party is opportunistic. shame because I always thought that Sibsi could have been a good person to lead the country out of dark but now he has shown that he is also naive despite over 50 years of poltics.

    5. Why can’t the so called ” Nida Tunis” Party leadership see clearly anymore in the middle of internal conspiraties à la Sebsi ? All they want is follow their aging conspirator who by all means wants to take over presidential power at all costs even though he is beyond political redemption after what he had been doing for almost fifty years. His trade is scheming, plotting, manipulating en gathering round him green politicians and old RCD hands who dream of a better position in life.The best that can happen now in our beloved Tunisia is the voluntary dissolution of Nida Tunis and all its affiliated reactionary movements so that the Revolution can go on changing citizens and institutions and thus eradicate corruption, create jobs for the youth, znd last but not least give the younger generation a chance to rule the country…Away with the crooked, doting old age pensioners who don’t want to relinquish power!