LIVE UPDATES: Aftermath of Mohamed Brahmi's Assassination (Saturday) - Tunisia Live LIVE UPDATES: Aftermath of Mohamed Brahmi's Assassination (Saturday) - Tunisia Live
LIVE UPDATES: Aftermath of Mohamed Brahmi’s Assassination (Saturday)


LIVE UPDATES: Aftermath of Mohamed Brahmi’s Assassination (Saturday)

Mohamed Brahmi. Image courtesy Marsad

Mohamed Brahmi, 58, a member of the National Constituent Assembly and member of the opposition The People's Movement Party, part of the Popular Front, was assassinated Thursday in front of his home in Cite el-Ghazala, a suburb of Tunis.

His funeral procession is taking place from his home to Jellaz cemetery, where he will be buried next to Chokri Belaid, another member of the opposition was shot in front of his home on February 6th.

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Live Updates

Saturday, July 27:


Ben Jaafar’s office has told Tunisia Live that the speaker will address the nation between 19:00 and 19:30 CET.


Speaker of the NCA Mustapha Ben Jaafar will address the nation this evening. The time of his address has not been disclosed.


Bassem Bouguerra, president of Reform an organization advocating for police reform, has reportedly been assaulted by the police at Bardo Square. According to Nawaat, Bougerra has injuries on his legs and face and is being transferred to Charles Nicolle hospital.


Protests continue in front of the National Constituent Assembly with intermittent, but heavy, use of tear gas.


A photo of tear gas driving the crowd away from the NCA building earlier this afternoon. Many rounds of gas have been fired by police.

Tear Gas at NCA Protests

Tear Gas at NCA Protests, July 27, 2013. Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live

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Tear gas has been fired again to drive protesters out of plaza in front of NCA.


During an interview with Express FM, the spokesperson of the Ministry of the Interior Mohamed Ali Aroui said security forces intervened at the NCA to break up confrontations between the two opposing groups of protesters and disperse the crowd.


Ansar al-Sharia pages on Facebook and Twitter have posted a statement denying the group’s involvement in the Brahmi assassination.

Partial translation: “We refuse all attempts to use our name in the case of the assassination of Mohamed Brahmi, whether from official authorities or the media. We have no relations with the political assassination, which is an obvious attempt to turn the country into chaos that no one benefits from except for the remnants of the former regime.”

Ansar al-Sharia statement. Via @AnsarShariaa_tn Twitter account.


According to Mosaique FM, withdrawn Popular Front NCA member Monji Rahoui was assaulted by security forces while he participated in protests in front of the NCA.


According to our reporters, pro-government protesters are reentering the area in front of the NCA. Bardo Square is split between pro- and anti-government groups, the latter appearing to be in the majority.


Roads to the NCA have been closed. Police are arresting protesters; exact numbers unconfirmed.


About 40 pro-government protesters are gathered in front of the Bardo municipality, on the opposite side of the NCA from the anti-government protests. More were gathered earlier, but dispersed after tear gas was fired.

The group is calling for more government supporters to return to Bardo Square after sunset.


Our reporter says one protester has been hit by birdshots from the police near the Monoprix close to Bardo Square. His back is wounded.


Police are dispersing crowds from the roundabout in Bardo Square. Protesters are throwing rocks at police, who are throwing tear gas canisters in return.


Our reporters have witnessed security forces beating a protester in front of the NCA building. Crowds again dispersing.


Protesters have been allowed back into Bardo Square.


Police and security forces have been given orders not to allow anyone back in Bardo Square in front of the NCA building.


Tear gas has been fired at the NCA building in Bardo. Crowds are dispersing.


According to Tunisia Live reporters in Bardo, there are nearly one thousand people in front of the NCA building. Reports have circulated of tear gas fired at the assembly. Our reporters have not seen tear gas fired, but can smell it near the building.


Video of Popular Front members near the funeral:


Video of the funeral:


Brahmi has been buried. A Popular Front member has announced a march from the cemetery to the NCA building in Bardo.


Police and military are protecting the grave site as activists from the Popular Front form circles around it.


“Belaid, we bring you Brahmi” and “No security with the Ikhwan (Brotherhood)” chanted at cemetery.


Crowd at funeral chanting: “Disobedience until the Brotherhood falls,” a reference to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood that recently lost power in Egypt.


It is currently 34 degrees Celsius (93 Fahrenheit) outside. Many of the protesters have walked  about 2.5 kilometers in the sun from Human Rights Square to the Jellaz cemetery.


Crowd at the funeral is singing the Tunisian national anthem.


The procession and the casket have arrived at the cemetery.


The procession has passed through the clocktower square in the center of Tunis. Our reporters estimate 4,000 to 5,000 people there, but the crowds seem to be growing.


Update from La Goulette:

(10:29, corrected)

Brahmi’s funeral procession has reached Mohamed V Avenue. Crowds are estimated in the thousands, shouting “no peace, no reconciliation” and “no justice or peace no fear, no terror, power in the hands of the people.”


A carbomb went off earlier this morning outside the coastal guard station of La Goulette, exploding a police vehicle. According to the Ministry of Interior, there were no casualties. Initial investigations revealed the blast was caused by traditionally-made explosives. The investigation is on-going.

Photo of La Goulette explosion. Photo credit: Zied Mhrisi.


According to withdrawn National Constituent Assembly member, Mahmoud Baroudi, 53 members have withdrawn so far, ten from the Democratic Coalition. They will join the planned sit-in in front of the the National Constituent Assembly following the funeral.


Photo of the military in front of Brahmi’s house. Photo credit: Salma Bouzid, Tunisia Live.


According to our reporter at the site, 600 are marching from Brahmi’s house to downtown Tunis. A growing number are joining the funeral procession. The military has already taken Brahmi’s body to the Square of Human Rights on Mohamed 5 Avenue.


Photo from outside Brahmi’s house. Photo credit: Asma Ghribi, Tunisia Live.


A crowd has gathered at slain NCA member Mohamed Brahmi's house where funeral services will begin. The body will then be taken to downtown Tunis.