“Irhal” Campaign Attempts to Oust Ennahdha Officials

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Flyer from Rahil campaign. Image courtesy: Taz Aly Facebook page

Flyer from Rahil campaign. Image courtesy: Taz Aly Facebook page

The National Salvation Front opposition coalition announced yesterday a campaign called Irhal that aims to remove governors, administrators, and heads of public institutions appointed by the ruling Enahdha party.

Irhal means leave in Arabic and has been heard in other demonstrations in the region.

A coalition of political parties and members of civil society, the National Salvation Front was formed after the assassination of opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi on July 25 to demand the dissolution of National Constituent Assembly (NCA) and the government. [display_posts type=”related” limit=”3″ position=”right”]

According to the group's press release, the campaign starts Wednesday, August 14 with a general mobilization effort to prepare for Raheel, or Departure week, which they plan to begin August 24.

The Irhal campaign was announced following a demonstration organized by the National Salvation Front and Hraier Tounes, a coalition of feminist organizations, to mark national Women's Day.

The campaign reflects the opposition's continuing demand for the dissolution of the NCA and the government, and the ouster of president Moncef Marzouki, blaming the ruling coalition for the recent violence and instability, but goes further in also targeting all officials appointed by the party.

The National Salvation Front also announced that it will start discussions to determine members of an alternative board of elections, a body assigned to schedule and prepare for general elections. The NCA had not finished choosing the membership of the Independent Board of Elections prior to Brahmi’s assassination.

The group also plans to name 15 members of an alternative salvation government, headed by a well-known national figure, to replace the current government. [display_posts type=”same_author” limit=”3″ position=”right”]

Hamma Hammami, leader of the opposition Worker's Party, announced the Irhal campaign during his speech at the Women's Day rally.

The campaign is supported by withdrawn opposition NCA members, according to Nadia Chaabane, one of the withdrawn members. Over 60 members withdrew from the NCA following Brahmi's assassination, suspending their activities and forgoing their salaries.

We have stated our concerns regarding Ennahdha appointing their loyalists to government positions and public institutions, and Ennahdha continues to discard our complaints, she said today.

Today, we have a party that dominates every aspect of life in the country and I bluntly call that tyranny, she added. We can not build a country this way.

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      I call for nadia chaabane to be first lady president rather than putting up with rached ghannouchy and his croonies. Irhal to all ennahdha they are not sincere.

    1. “Erhal” not only to Nahdhawis but also to those converted to nahdhawism and affecting the administration neutrality. Take as an example the present ambassador of Tunisia in Vienna. A real shame!

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