Ennahdha Leader Postpones Law Banning Former Regime Politicians - Tunisia Live Ennahdha Leader Postpones Law Banning Former Regime Politicians - Tunisia Live
Ennahdha Leader Postpones Law Banning Former Regime Politicians


Ennahdha Leader Postpones Law Banning Former Regime Politicians

Rached Ghannouchi, January 2012. Image credit: Tunisia Live

Rached Ghannouchi, January 2012. Image credit: Tunisia Live

Ennahdha leader Rached Ghannouchi announced Sunday that he will postpone discussion of the controversial draft Law for the Protection of the Revolution until an unspecified later date.

The proposed law would bar members of former president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali regime from running in for public office for certain designated periods of time. [display_posts type=”related” limit=”3″ position=”right”]

The Leagues for the Protection of the Revolution, a controversial group often accused of vigilantism and violence, has supported the law in the past and vows to continue despite Ghannouchi's statements.

We are not concerned with what Ghannouchi said, Mounir Ajroud, president of the Leagues for the Protection of the Revolution, told Tunisia Live. I insist that we are independent and will fight all the way for applying this law.

Ajroud acknowledged that opponents of the leagues refer to the group as the military wing of Ennahdha, but said the leagues receive instructions from no one.

We represent the Tunisian people and will continue to fight against the corrupt and the vandals, he added.

Since the draft law's inception, members of Tunisia's opposition parties have considered it a means of eliminating Ennahdha's political competitors.

Nidaa Tounes has outspokenly condemned the draft law which would affect certain members of the party.

Political exclusion is only possible through a judicial order and not by instilling fear, said Nidaa Tounes spokesperson Lazher Akremi to Tunisia Live. [display_posts type=”same_author” limit=”3″ position=”right”]

In Sunday's interview with Nessma TV, Ghannouchi acknowledged a friendly relationship with Nidaa Tounes leader Beji Caid Essebsi. He added that he went to France just to meet with Essebsi, referring to the leaders' August 15 meeting in Paris.

As Tunisia's two biggest parties, Ennahdha and Nidaa Tounes need to be in contact, Ghannouchi said.

Ghannouchi also presented Ennahdha's proposed path forward out of the political situation which he refused to call a crisis.

Dissolution of Laarayedh's government is achievable only through discussions, he said, adding that the transitional period has taken very long and he believes the situation is on the verge of explosion.

Nissaf Slama is a previous author and producer with Tunisia Live. Nissaf, who graduated from the Preparatory Institute of English Literary Studies of Tunis in 2012, joined TL early 2013 where she covered political, cultural and civil society stories. Ever since, Nissaf collaborated with the New York Times and Al Jazeera English. Nissaf also interned with the Human Rights Watch where she covered Transitional Justice sexual minorities in Tunisia. Nissaf also worked with Peace Direct's Insight On Conflict as a local peacebuilding expert. Now, Nissaf works with the International Organization for Migration- Libya.

  • Adel

    Mr Ghannouchi seems to show signs of his real dictatorial inclinations at last.His solo action towards making peace with his old hangmen of the Destour i.e.TajammouC i.e.Nida Tunis Partij represented by the old crow Mr Sebsi emphasizes the fact that Ennahdha Party is politically almost bankrupt.That’s why haar chairman Ghannouchi attempts to allure even his yerster year ennemi’s into future alliances to remain in power!Why cant he call general elections en let the people decide who will govern them in due course?

  • Ennahdaha is Islamic, they have no light or revelation, he is just a carnal man blind like, all the other dictators in the arab world, momar just had a better personality, mixed with a couple of demons.

    this guy is a light weight, but um pulling me down

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