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    Protesters and Police Clash in Tunis Neighborhood

    By Emily Crane | Jan 13 2014 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

    Tags: ettadhamen ,police ,protest
    Tunisian police van. Image credit: Tunisia Live

    Tunisian police van. Image credit: Tunisia Live

    Protesters clashed with security forces in the Ettadhamen neighborhood of Tunis Sunday night.

    The Ministry of Interior reported that protesters injured a police officer, attacked a bank, and vandalized a row of shops, according to ministry spokesperson Mohamed Ali Aroui.

    Radio station Mosaique FM reported that police forces used teargas and fired birdshot to disperse the protesters after they set fire to tires and blocked the roads running through the neighborhood Sunday evening.

    Aroui confirmed the use of teargas but denied that police forces had used birdshot on the protesters.

    Police officer Houcem Bouhalli had to be transported to the La Marsa police hospital Sunday night after being hit in the head with a bottle by a protester, Mosaique reported. Police forces arrested six protesters Sunday evening, Aroui said.

    Sunday marked the third straight day of violent demonstrations in the northern suburb of Tunis. They began Friday when protesters attacked the police headquarters in the region and looted the Tunisiana and Orange cell phone stores, according to Mosaique FM. Police forces arrested over fifty protesters Friday and Saturday, Aroui said.

    “You cannot call the events of this past weekend protests,” Aroui said. “Attacking police, vandalizing shops – that’s not called protests, that’s called violence and crime.”

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