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Live Blog: Tunisia’s Legislative Election


Live Blog: Tunisia’s Legislative Election

Live coverage of Tunisia's legislative election: Turnout, results, conferences, reactions and more...

Election - Image Credit: ISIE's Official Facebook Page

Election – Image Credit: ISIE’s Official Facebook Page

October 30: 


Seats in the Assembly of People:
Nidaa Tounes: 85
Ennahdha: 69
Free Patriotic Union (UPL): 16
Popular Front: 15
Afek Tounes: 8
Other parties: 24
In percentages:
Nidaa Tounes 39.17%
Ennahdh 31.79%

Free Patriotic Union (UPL) 7.37%
Popular Front 6.91%
Afek 3.68%
Other parties 11.05%
America and Europe: Nidaa Tounes 1, Ennahdha 1
Arab countries & rest of world:  Nidaa Tounes 1, Ennahdha 1

October 29:

10 p.m.: ISIE: More partial results:

America and rest of European countries: Nidaa Tounes in lead with 45.24%, followed by 27,75%, Afek Tounes 5.50%, and CPR 5.13%.

The Arab world and the rest of the world: Nidaa Tounes in Lead with 37.02%, Ennahdha 36.04%, CPR 6.1%, Democratic Current 4.68%.

Beja: Nidaa Tounes in lead with 38.35%, Ennahdha 21.24%, Movement of People 9.57%, UPL 5.55%, and Popular Front 3.25%

Tunis 2: Nidaa Tounes wins majority of votes with 54%, Ennahdha 20.17%, Afek Tounes 4.35%, UPL 3.15%, and Popular Front 2.97%
6:00 p.m.: ISIE: More partial results:

Bizerte : Nidaa Tounes in lead with 36.90%, followed by Ennahdha 28.13%, Democratic Alliance 5.68%, Free Patriotic Union 5.22%, Afek tounes 2.57%, and Democratic Current 2.56%.

Italy:: Ennahdha in lead with 41.81%, followed by Nidaa Tounes 30.18%, Popular Front 4.74%, CPR 2.95%, and Al Joumhouri 2.83%.

1:30 p.m.: ISIE: More partial results:

Tunis 1: Nida Tounes in lead with 35.37%, followed by Ennahdha 31.74%,, Free Patriotic Union 8.78%, Democratic Current 3.22%, Popular Front 3.17%, and Afek Tounes 2.98%

Jendouba: Nidaa Tounes in lead with 35.68%, followed by Ennahdha 20.52%, Popular Front 6.61%, Free Patriotic Union 4.23%, Voice of Farmers 2.35%, and Union for Tunisia 1.87%.

Sidi Bouzid: Nidaa Tounes in lead with 24.71%, followed by Ennahdha 17.12%, love Current 10.85%, Free Patriotic Union 4.23%, popular front 7.14, and National Salvation Front 2.52%.

Gafsa: Ennahdha in lead with 27.16%, followed by Nidaa Tounes 20.97%, Popular Front 5.44%, Rad Al Atibar 5.38%, and Al Moubadara 4.44.

Manouba: Nidaa Tounes in lead with 33.66%, followed by Ennahdha 29.28%, Free Patriotic Union 8.38%, Popular Front 2.64%, Afek Tounes 2.59%, and Democratic Current 2.50%.

Sfax2: Nida Tounes in lead with 37.88, followed by Ennahdha 31.35%, Afek Tounes 3.64%, Popular Front 3.24%, Democratic Current 3.22%, Free Patriotic Union 2.15%.

9:30 a.m.: ISIE: More partial results:

France 1: Nida Tounes in lead with 39.48%, followed by Ennahdha 29.56%, Afek tounes 5.76%, CPR 5.55%, Popular Front 4.33%, and Free Patriotic Union 3.59%.

October 28:

11:00 p.m.: ISIE press conference, more partial results:

Gabes: Ennahdha wins the majority of votes with 50.21%, followed by Nida Tounes 17.09%, Free patriotic Union 5.40%, CPR 4.56%, Popular Movement 2.20%, and Democratic Union 2.08%.

Kasserine: Nida Tounes in lead with 27.22%, followed by Ennahdha 22.70%,Popular Front 4.41%, Free Patriotic Union 3.30%, CPR 2,82%, and Ettakatol 2.09%

Nabeul 2: Nida Tounes wins majority votes with 51.40%, followed by Ennahdha 19.99%,Free Patriotic Union 5.05%, Popular Front 3,42%, and Democratic Union 3.18%

Sfax1: Ennahdha in lead with 36.21%, followed by Nida Tounes 31.29%, Popular Front 4.68%, Democratic Current 3.40%, Afek Tounes 3.17%, Al Joumhouri 2.50%.

Kef: Nida Tounes in lead with 48.17%, followed by Ennahdha 17.50%, Afek tounes 5.89%, Popular Front 6,93%, and Free Patriotic Union 4.24%

Sousse: Nida Tounes in lead with 48.86%,followed by Ennahdha 24.20%, Afek tounes 5.89%, Al Moubadra 4.11%, Popular Front 2,62%, and Free Patriotic Union 2.31%

Siliana: Nida Tounes in lead with 29.28%,followed by Ennahdha 17,72%, Popular Front 11.56%, Al Joumhouri 7.32%, Free Patriotic Union 5.92%, Eltakattol 2.27%.

6:00 p.m.:ISIE press conference, more partial results:

Nidaa Tounes in lead in Germany with 40.95%, followed by Ennahdha 35.92%, CPR 6.77%, and Popular Front 5.53%.

Nidaa Tounes in lead in Mahdia with 45.55%, followed by Ennahdha 22.45%, Afek Tounes 9.85%, and Popular Front 2.90%.

Nidaa Tounes in lead in France2 with 42.09%, followed by Ennahdha 26.36%, Nidaa Altounesyen Belkharaj 5.88%, and CPR 4.12%.

10:30 a.m.: ISIE press conference, more partial results:

Nidaa Tounes in lead in Nabeul 1 with 50%, followed by Ennahdha 19.19%, Afek Tounes 4.84%, UPL 4.78%, and Popular Front 4.11%.

Nidaa_Tounes wins majority votes in Monastir with 56.84%, followed by Ennahdha 20.63%, Afek Tounes 3.43%, and Popular Front 2.77%.

October 27:

10:30 p.m:  ISIE:  Ennahdha in lead in Kebili with 39.5%, followed by CPR 16.1%, Movement of the People 15.3%, Nidaa Tounes 10.4%,  and UPL 3.7%.

_ Nidaa Tounes in Lead in Zaghouan  with  35.19% , followed by Ennahdha : 22.64%, and UPL : 6.88% .

9:30 p.m.:  Rached Ghannouchi to Ennahdha supporters: “We are assured, we trust our people; the future is of freedom.”

9.00 p.m.: Ennahdha leaders celebrate  election results with their supporters at the party headquarters.

19:30 p.m.: ISIE: Ennahdha wins majority votes in Tataouine with 65.4%, followed by Nidaa Tounes 7.7%, UPL 3.7%, and CPR 3.6%.

4:30 p.m.: ISIE : Release of partial results of Touzeur, Kibili, Tataouine at 6p.m.

4:00 p.m.: International Republican Institute (IRI) Press Conference: “Tunisia could represent the most successful democratic transition in the Arab world.”

3:00 p.m.:   Preliminary voting results (source: Ennahdha):

Nidaa Tounes 38.24% = 83 seats
Ennahdha: 31.33% = 68 seats
Free Patriotic Union: 7.83% = 17 Seats
Popular Front: 5.25% = 12 seats
Afek Tounes: 2.3% = 5 seats
Congress for the Republic: 1.84% = 4 seatsr
The Initiative: 1.84% = 4 seats

3:00 p.m.National Democratic Institute – NDI press conference : “We have observed a historic process. These elections were a milestone.”

2:00 p.m.: Zied Ladari, spokesperson of Ennahdha in radio station Mousaique fm:  “we congratulate Nidaa Tounes for the strong score.”

1:00 p.m.: Mourakiboun  press conference: Report from random sampling of 1,100 polling offices:

Nidaa Tounes: 37%; Ennahdha 27%
Voter turnout: 69.7%
Invalid ballots: 3%; Blank ballots: 2%

10:00 a.m.: ISIE: Tunisia’s national voter turnout 61.8%

6:00 a.m.: (Anadolu Agency report) preliminary results:  Nidaa Tounes 38.28%, Ennahdha 31.33%, Free Patriotic Union 7.83%, Popular front 5.52%, Afek Tounes 4.14%, Democratic Current 2.30%, Congress for the Republic 1.84%.

02:24 a.m.: (reports) Nidaa Tounes still in Lead followed by Ennahdha
00:17 a.m.: ISIE press conference: largest voter turnout abroad in North France: 48%
00:17 a.m.: ISIE press conference: lowest voter turnout abroad in Italy: 14%
00:17 a.m.: ISIE press conference: voter turnout abroad 29%
00:17 a.m.: ISIE press conference: Tunisia’s national turnout: 61.8%

October 26:

23:45 p.m.: (Mousaique, Mourakiboun: Reports) Nidaa Tounes in lead

10:20 p.m.:Ameur Larayedh: Ennahdha in Lead followed by Nidaa Tounes

10:15 p.m.: Ameur Larayedh,president of Ennahdha’s political office on radio station Mousaique fm: Sigma polls are a lie to disrupt the election.

9:00 p.m.: Polling agency, sigma conseil: Nidaa Tounes 36% followed by Ennahdha 26%.

20:05 p.m.: ISIE press conference:

Tunisia’s Turnout as of 6:00 p.m.:(initial result): 59.99%

Ben Arous:70%
El Kef:62%
Sidi Bouzid:48%

6:00 p.m.: Polling stations Close. Tallying Starts.

16:30 p.m: ISIE press conference:

Tunisia’s Turnout as of 4:00 p.m.: Tunisia 50.84%
Tunis1: 46%
El Kef:53%
Sidi Bouzid:42%

12:00 p.m.: Mourakiboun report: So far, 92% of poliing stations are respecting all legal regulations and requirements, and 95% are allowing access to international and national election observers

12:00 p.m.: (Reporters) Voters Turnout Tunis1: 21%

12:00 p.m.: (Reporters) Voters Turnout Kairouan 50%

11:15 p.m.: Morakiboun Voters Turnout: 35 to 40%

10:30 a.m.: Watchdog Morakiboun report: 98% of polling stations opened on time.

10:11 a.m.: (ISIE) only one polling station is not open yet – Jbenyan Gasrine.

10:00 a.m.: ISIE press conference: Successful start of voting day despite minor irregularities

7:00 a.m.: Polling stations open

6:45 a.m.: Voters waiting in lines

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