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Leading Tunisian Terror Suspect Seized By Eastern Libya Forces


Leading Tunisian Terror Suspect Seized By Eastern Libya Forces

The Misratan led militias fire a rocket into the Daesh stronghold of Sirte. Image source: The Sun

One of Tunisia’s most wanted terrorist suspects has reportedly been captured by eastern government forces in Libya.

According to a report in the Libya Herald, forces from Zintan, presently allied with the eastern government in Tobruk apprehended Tunisian, Moez Ben Abdulgader Ben Ahmed Al-Fezzani along with 20 other suspected ISIS, (Daesh) fighters as they were attempting to make their way from the besieged Daesh stronghold of Sirte to Tunisia.

Moez Ben Abdelkader Ben Ahmed Fazzani. MoI Image

According to the Herald, Fezzani has since been transferred to Marj, near Benghazi for questioning.

In February, Tunisian authorities issued a wanted notice for Fezzani, with a communique calling on anyone with information about him and a further 16 suspects to report it to the Tunisian police.

Security services in Tunisia consider Fezzani one of the principal leaders of the March insurgency in Ben Guerdane, which saw the deaths of 13 members of the security services and 45 militants.

The Herald report that Fezzani, originally from Tunis, first joined Ansar Al-Sharia before travelling Libya where he was given responsibility for the Daesh training camp at Sabratha. Following the camp’s destruction in the US bombing raid in February, Fezzani is reported to have traveled to Benghazi and then Sirte.

The Daesh stronghold of Sirte has been under continued attack from forces presently allied to Tobruk’s rival government in Tripoli, the UN backed Government of National Accord, (GNA) since June. However, after reporting dramatic gains last week, including the taking of some of Sirte’s principal landmarks, the militias’ advance has been slowed by a series of suicide bombings. According to a Reuters report from last night, suicide bombings against GNA aligned forces in Sirte killed at least 12 fighters and wounded about 60 on Thursday, a hospital spokesman told the news agency.

British, French US and Italian special forces are all thought to be supporting the various militia groups in their advance upon the besieged town, with the US airstrikes that commenced on August 1st continuing. As of Wednesday, Reuters report the total number of airstrikes against Daesh positions within the city as 62.