NGOs Criticize Government Indifference Over Missing Journalists - Tunisia Live NGOs Criticize Government Indifference Over Missing Journalists - Tunisia Live
NGOs Criticize Government Indifference Over Missing Journalists


NGOs Criticize Government Indifference Over Missing Journalists


Sofiène Chourabi and Nadhir Ktari. Image source: Sud Ouest France

A number of NGOs have criticized both Tunisian and Libyan authorities over their apparent “indifference” to the case of the missing journalists Sofiéne Chourabi and Nadhir Ktari.

Sofiéne Chourbi a producer for Tunisia’s First TV channel and photographer, Nadhir Ktari originally went missing in September 2014, it was said that they had been kidnapped by an unknown militia group whilst trying to return to Tunisia.  Since then NGOs such as Reporters without Borders (RSF) and the Tunisian Union of Journalists (SNJT) have kept the story in the public mind and have applied pressure on government.

Conflicting reports have circulated regarding the fate of the two two journalists ever since. In June 2014, they were rumored to be among six bodies recovered from the former ISIS, (Daesh) stronghold of Derna. Later,  in January of 2015, Daesh posted a claim that they had executed the two journalists.

According to TAP a statement was issued yesterday by Amnesty International commenting on “the inertia and indifference of the Tunisian authorities and their Libyan counterparts.” The human rights organisation again called for an enquiry into the disappearance of the journalists. The enquiry had been promised a year ago by the Tunisian government, yet failed to materialize. Amnesty asserted that it would be “the only way to shed light on the circumstances (of the disappearance) and appease the immense pain of the families.”  

Speaking to Tunisia live earlier this week a spokesperson from the Tunisia’s National Union of Journalists, (SNJT) stated that there remains, “no proof of life, or proof of death”.

An Amnesty spokesperson based in London said to Tunisia Live that “The fact that it has been two years since Sofiane Chourabi and Nadhir Ktari went missing in Ajdabya with their fate and whereabouts still unknown, highlights the dangers that media professionals, local activists and human rights defenders face on a regular basis in Libya where they are at risk of assassinations, abductions and threats at the hands of armed groups.”





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