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France: Pig’s Head Left Outside Tunisian Hairdresser’s Salon


France: Pig’s Head Left Outside Tunisian Hairdresser’s Salon

Albert, Somme, France. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

A grilled pig’s head has been left outside the french salon of a Tunisian born hairdresser in what is being reported as a racist attack.

According to France 3, Mohamed Manoubi discovered the head when opening his shop in Albert, Somme on Sunday, the anniversary of the 9/11 attack and the day prior to the Islamic celebration of Eid al Adha. “I was a victim of a racial act.” Mr Manoubi told the television station.

The pig’s head outside Mr Manoubi’s salon

Mr Manoubi is said to have opened the salon in August following a two year prison sentence which ended in November of last year. Mr Manoubi told the television station that he had been saving money ever since in a bid to open the salon. On opening the business, “ I worked very hard for a month and a half, it has being going great,” Mr manoubi was reported as saying, “customers are very happy … and this is what is happening today I am disgusted,” said Mr. Manoubi.

Speaking to Tunisia Live, Associate Professor of Contemporary History, Islamism and Salafism, at Manouba University, Allaya Allani  said that the attack upon Mr Manoubi’s salon was emblematic of the rising tide of Islamophobia following the terror attacks in Paris, Nice and Belgium. Professor Allani said, “the rise of Islamist and  jihadist movements is not confined just to Arab states, but is occurring in  European and American countries.”  

According to Allani, the marginalization of  immigrant and Muslim communities in France had been exacerbated by the country’s individual view on secularism, which he said separated it from many other countries within Europe.

Statistics compiled by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) show that hate related attacks  in France have decreased from 2,357 hate related incidents in 2012, to 1662 in 2014, with 133 documented attacks on Muslims in 2014.

According to the statistics, incidents of general racism and antisemitism specifically are much higher than recorded instances of of Islamophobia. However, data for 2015, including instances that occurred after the attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in the fall of 2015 have yet to be analysed.





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