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Tunis Wide Security Sweep Nets Three


Tunis Wide Security Sweep Nets Three

Police. Image source: Huffington Post

A security sweep across the capital on Saturday has resulted in several arrests, mostly for petty crimes.

Three were arrested on criminal charges following what the Ministry of Interior termed a major “security campaign” on Saturday. A further 20 people were arrested for being apparently drunk and disorderly. 66 people are also being sought in connection with a variety of unspecified crimes. A number of vehicles were also seized for inspection.

According to the Ministry’s press release, the Units of the National Security forces worked across public spaces and transport terminals in so-called “Black Areas” where they state there is a high incidence of pick-pocketing and petty crime.

Speaking to Tunisia Live a spokesperson from the Ministry of Interior declined to comment on the specific cases of Saturday’s security operation, but stated that during the first eight months of this year, statistics display that the number of those wanted for investigation had increased to 48 percent.  According a statement by the Ministry, last week the Security Units and the National Guard arrested  529 individuals in addition to those identified in the national swoop, who were wanted on suspicion of various crimes, including 15 for robbery, 11 people for violent assault and 29 people for drug dealing and use. They claim to have seized more than 84 kg of drugs “Ztalh” by the Department of the Judicial Police Units after dismantling a Maghreb network specialized in drug smuggling and use in the region of Gabes.


Zaineb is a journalist in the Tunisia Live newsroom. She speaks Arabic, French and English.