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Postcards From Home


Postcards From Home

A Stamp

Postcards are curious things.  To be more exact, postcards were curious things. We don’t really send them quite so much these days. However, not all that long ago no trip would be complete without a glossy image being dispatched to the folks back home, letting them know where we were and what we were doing.

As such, postcards never really told us all that much about the places we’d been, or the people who lived there as much as they told people about ourselves and what we wanted people to believe we were doing.

We’ve trawled the web for examples of postcards sent from Tunisia through, (most of) the Twentieth Century, tracing how European perceptions of Tunisia shifted from the orientalist fantasies of the early 20th Century to equally unlikely notions of perennially sun kissed beaches and blue seas.



The Tunis brothel. Undated. We’re not entirely clear why anyone would send this. “What have you been doing in Tunisia, dear?” “Well, Mom…..”


The gift of automation, (though we wouldn’t fancy the top seat) Sfax 1907


The City Hall, Sfax, 1930s


Tunis 1944, (there weren’t many more from that period, obviously)


Rades, Tunis in the 1950s. We’re pretty sure this was a postcard, but we can’t confirm it. If it wasn’t, it definitely should have been


Tunis in the 1960s, Bab Souika, to be exact. We’re loving the 2CV taxis


The el Ghriba Synagogue on Djerba in the 1970s

And finally….

Hammamet in the 1980s, (the 90’s ones were equally boring)