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Petition Calls for Eviction of Prominent Feminist


Petition Calls for Eviction of Prominent Feminist

Amina Sboui on trial in Paris in 2013. Image source:

A petition has been launched in a northern Tunis suburb calling for the eviction of a prominent feminist and minorities advocate for allegedly “spreading inappropriate behavior”.

LGBTI activist, Amina Sboui has been targeted by the association, Awled Sidi Bou Said, (Residents Association of Sidi Bou said). The association called for the  eviction of Sboui from the suburb and urged all locals to sign the petition. The association claimed that the young feminist was “seducing” under-aged girls, bringing them into her house for purposes of prostitution and offering them alcohol and drugs.

The petition calling for Amina Sboui’s eviction

The petition, which described Sboui as a “dangerous threat” to the community called upon the court to investigate all those who were sponsoring Sboui and endorsing the spread of a, “culture of nudity and” of stripping and going naked in public. Among numerous demands was also the call to evict Sboui from her house and halt her from undertaking any further activities.

Sboui’s home came under repeated assault earlier this month, when she claimed that a group of five men had attacked her house and threatened her. She later said that numerous complaints to the police over the attacks had not been responded to.

According to Tuniscope, the municipality president, Raouf Al-Dakhlaoui, said that the association “does not represent all the residents of Sidi Bou Said,” adding that the town was, “an open space.”

Speaking to Tunisia Live, Sboui denied the accusations listed within the petition. She said that although she had been accused of playing poker in her house, the game was a, “foreign land.”

The 21 year-old activist also clarified that there were “only gay men” staying in her house and that no girls of any age had ever spent the night there. As far the accusation of her consuming narcotics on the premises was concerned, she confessed that she had not taken drugs in a year and a half.

Sboui is currently seeking to prosecute the association for defamation of character, which she has accused of being fake.

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