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Germany Eager for EU-Tunisia/Egypt Refugee Deal


Germany Eager for EU-Tunisia/Egypt Refugee Deal


German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Image source: Hungary Today

The European Union needs a similar deal with Tunisia and Egypt as it currently has with Turkey over the repatriation of refugees and migrants, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has said.

Speaking during a tourism conference yesterday, Chancellor Merkel  gave no specific details about any potential deal other than to say that more must be invested in developmental aid to address the root causes of migration, adding that it was vital “to prevent a repeat of the situation seen last summer.”

Chancellor Merkel continued her comments, saying that further investment was required in the regions providing the greatest number of migrants. “It’s important that we give the African countries perspectives for the future.” She was quoted as saying, “We either have to let people come to us, or we have to combat the root causes of migration so that people see prospects for staying there, close to their homes.”

Tunisian Minister of Interior, Hedi Mejdoub was also in Germany yesterday, meeting with his German equivalent, Thomas de Maiziere to discuss security issues, organized crime and illegal migration. It was agreed to establish a German-Tunisian working group to build upon the existing relationship between the two countries, specifically with reference to border control.

In a statement released to the media, the German Ministry was quoted as saying that, “Both ministers agreed to intensify the cooperation between the two countries, especially with regards to accelerating the repatriation of Tunisian citizens who had illegally entered Germany,”

De Maiziere has held a series of meetings throughout the year with Ministers from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria all of which the German government is eager to have declared, safe countries of origin, meaning that there is no risk to the welfare of refugees returned to those countries.