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Prominent Feminist Activist Censored by Popular TV Talk Show


Prominent Feminist Activist Censored by Popular TV Talk Show


Amina Sboui on TV Show Liman Yajroe Faqat (To The Only One  Who Dares) Image Source: Tuniscope

A leading feminist campaigner has publicly hit back at a popular television talk show host for censoring her comments on his program broadcast on Sunday.

Outspoken feminist and gender activist, Amina Sboui responded to criticism by TV host, Samir Alwafi of popular TV talk-show, Liman Yajroe Faqat, (To The Only One Who Dares) who admitted to having edited out many of her “utterances” on his show.

Sboui addressed what she saw as censorship in a video posted on her Facebook page saying, “I am shocked as to what he said about me. I do not recall saying one sentence, or even one word that is inappropriate.” The video has received some 17,900 views.

Speaking to, Tuniscope talk show host Samir Alwafi admitted that he had invited Sboui on his show to spice up the content, saying he wanted her to talk about “her exotic erotic whirlwinds” and the “Sidi Bou Said incident” (Sboui and her housemates have complained of coming under attack at home and a petition is currently active to have them evicted).

However, in responding to his questions Alwafi claims Sboui went too far,”She deliberately forgot that freedom of speech is not unlimited, but has a set of rules and a law that regulates it.” He also claimed that she used her television appearance to talk about homosexuality, which had not been agreed beforehand. Sboui also accused Muslims of being hypocrites as ” they pray and drink.” Alwafi branded Sboui’s comments as “haram,” and risked damaging the program’s viewing figures, saying “I wouldn’t want my mom and the thousands of moms to stop watching it.”

In comments to Tunisia Live, Sboui spoke about her reasons for going on the show, saying that she was not surprised about being attacked, “I was expecting him, (Alwafi) to be critical, but not to remove all my words.” She added, “I knew his methods. I thought I’d win against him.”

In her video Sboui claimed that what she had actually discussed was her childhood rape on the TV show and that she had been attempting to advise parents to “teach children what their private parts are, and that nobody is allowed to touch these parts,” and did not see this as in any way offensive.

Sboui told Tunisia Live that resorting to Facebook to publicly air her side of the debate had been a good idea. Moreover, she wasn’t, “waiting for an apology. I just wanted to say what I wanted, and convey my message.”