American Suspects in Jendouba Terror Probe Released - Tunisia Live American Suspects in Jendouba Terror Probe Released - Tunisia Live
American Suspects in Jendouba Terror Probe Released


American Suspects in Jendouba Terror Probe Released


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The two American brothers arrested in northern Tunisia yesterday on suspicion of inciting Jihad have been released.

According to a report in Kapitalis, the brothers were released by the Anti-Terrorism Court in Tunis yesterday, but were barred from leaving the country pending further investigations. According to the report, the Court found no evidence directly linking either brother to any potential act of terror in Tunisia.

Moreover, according to Kapitalis, the plans seized by the security services during the raid on the brothers’ house, widely reported within the Tunisian media as detailing “attacks against institutions in Tunisia’ may in truth have been little more than maps of the country and city plans.

The two brothers were arrested by security services in the northern governorate of Jendouba yesterday afternoon. According to initial police reports,  they were suspected of planning to introduce Shariah law into the country and of planning terror attacks from their encampment in Zawha City. The brothers had previously been staying in the greater Tunis area for about a year, but recently moved to Jendouba on October 23. The police also claimed that after investigating the brothers’ social media accounts, that they had been in contact with international terror groups.

Police described the brothers as having been found unwashed, with long beards, and living in poor conditions in an encampment near the University of Jendouba, where they claimed to be studying.

  • Joan McKniff

    As an American, I am ashamed and embarrassed by these 2 American men. It is my understanding that they were turned over to US Embassy where they will be further investigated there or in USA.