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National Film Festival Slammed Over Bad Organisation


National Film Festival Slammed Over Bad Organisation


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This year’s international film festival has been branded a “fiasco” by social media users commentators, award winners and attendees.

The 50th JCC, (Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage) opened on 28th October and was intended to showcase the best of Arab and international cinema . However, attendees have since complained of the apparently dire organisation and the haphazard briefing of event volunteers.

Actor, Majd Mastoura who won an award for his role in Nhibik Hedi was among those voicing their criticism of this year’s event. In a lengthy Facebook post, he slammed the poor organisation of this year’s festival, specifically the absence of instructions given to attendees during both the opening and closing ceremonies. The red carpet itself also drew criticism, with Mastoura commenting that it had caused many attendees to stumble and even fall.

Volunteers who were appointed to guide visitors during this national cultural event were also apparently unable to answer guests’ questions after seemingly being poorly briefed on the event’s schedule.

International visitors, such as the Algerian actress, Bahia Rachedi was moved to tears over what she said was the “humiliation” suffered by her country’ after Algerian attendees, having been overlooked by the awards’ committee, were relegated to plastic chairs to the rear of the theater during the festival’s closing ceremony. Minister of Cultural Affairs, Mohamed Zine El Abidine later apologized for the apparent oversight.

An argument between the JCC’s organizing committee  and the Ministry of Culture over the hotel and hospital bills for Egyptian actor, Jamil Rateb also turned embarrassingly public after the actor fell ill and required special accommodation. Rateb later donated the wheelchair provided for him to a local mosque

Tunisian social media has also. been highly vocal in its verdict on this year’s event. Much attention has been given to Mariem Ben Moulehom, the self styled Tunisian, Kim Kardashian who fell into a heate and highly vocal argument on the red carpet with fellow actress, Mariem ben Chaaban over who was to have their picture taken with prominent Egyptian director, Adel Imam

Festival regular, Tunisian film director, Ferid Boughdir also drew criticism after he appeared to use the event to provide commentary on the female attendees’ breasts.

Contacted by Tunisia Live, Brahim Letayif, the head of the festival, declined to issue any comment.

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