"I will be President for all Americans." - Tunisia Live "I will be President for all Americans." - Tunisia Live
“I will be President for all Americans.”


“I will be President for all Americans.”


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The Republican candidate for the US Presidential elections, Donald Trump has defeated his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

While Clinton has yet to formally concede the result, Trump appeared earlier this morning in front of cheering crowds at a New York hotel ballroom, saying that it was time to heal the national divisions that had been caused by what has been an intensely bitter campaign.

“It is time for us to come together as one united people,” Trump said, praising Clinton for her service and telling crowds that he had already received a call from her congratulating him. “I will be president for all Americans.”

The businessman, former reality television star and sometime wrestler’s victory ¬†over what was widely perceived as the establishment candidate has sent shock waves throughout liberal America, much of its media and financial institutions. Overnight, the U.S. dollar plummeted to dramatically low levels, with Reuters reporting that trading on the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, futures fell 5 percent to hit their so-called ‘limit down levels’, meaning that they would not be permitted to fall any lower until normal trading hours resumed later today.

Trump’s victory will likely raise myriad questions among the world’s foreign policy watchers. Thus far, Trump has campaigned vigorously on an “America First” platform, promising a more isolationist and protectionist path than that of the present White House incumbent, Barack Obama.

A Trump Presidency will also raise concerns among America’s Muslim community, many of whom have been highly vocal in their opposition to the candidate and his proposed ban on all Muslims entering the US, a policy later amended to one of “extreme vetting”. Likewise, nascent US nativism, which appears to have surged under the Trump campaign will also cause concern among many Tunisians resident in the United States.

At 70, Trump will be the oldest first term President in US history not to have previously held any elected office or served in the US military. However, popular disillusionment with the political status quo, embodied for many Trump supporters by his opponent, Hillary Clinton have triumphed where experience has apparently failed.

Trump now joins several western leaders, such as the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage, as well as Clinton’s former Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, whose historical distance from the established political elite has been harnessed to considerable electoral effect.

Prior to joining Tunisia Live, Simon worked as a freelance journalist. He has lived in Tunisia since 2013 and previously worked in Vietnam and Moscow.