British DJ sentenced to prison over call to prayer remix - Tunisia Live British DJ sentenced to prison over call to prayer remix - Tunisia Live
British DJ sentenced to prison over call to prayer remix


British DJ sentenced to prison over call to prayer remix

Dax J

Dax J. Image source Only Techno

A British DJ was sentenced to one year in prison in Tunisia after he remixed a call to prayer in one of his songs during a music festival.

The nightclub in the coastal town of Hammamet where the incident took place was immediately shut down after videos of the event appeared on Facebook. Many Tunisians were outraged when they heard the call to prayer in a nightclub, where people can dance and drink acohol, saying that it was totally disrespectful of their religious feelings. An investigation was open and the owner of the nightclub was detained for three days, before being released with no charges.

Despite the apologies both from the DJ and the festival’s organizers where they stated that no one had any intention of hurting anyone’s feelings, the DJ allegedly received numerous death threats and negative comments on his Facebook page, which he shut down.

According to local media, he was sentenced to one year in prison Thursday April 6 for “violating religious customs.” He was already out of the country before the incident took this unexpected turn.

On a press conference held the same day by the Union of Imams, the secretary general called for the closing of all nightclubs in Tunisia.

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  • Mrs Bouachir

    terrible. this is the problem: If you don’t like the music, don’t listen to it. But it is wrong to lock someone in prison for music. You can’t lock people away just because they offend you. I found the music to be in very poor taste but thats my OPINION and should not affect this person’s freedom. Is this Saudi Arabia or Tunisia? Do you want to be a democracy or an oppressive authoritarian state? If we do not stop these oppressive laws, Tunisia will end up in ruins.

    • Molotov

      If u look at the Tunisian economy, it already is in ruins. To a great extent exactly because of these medieval laws. Blasphemy laws in 2017 xD, mostly backward savages down there. A shame really because I know a few very nice young Tunisians who suffer from this country constantly standing in its own way with those laws.

  • [email protected]

    if this happened in india..if they insulted the faith of Hinduism…you would get whacked…at least he got spared his life…western society has no respect for Africans..i mean look at the fact that 90% of Africa is still looted and still under poverty…much of the taken to the west…islam is a wonderfull faith…that respects all…how much repect has Christian civilization given the world..none except bombing the world to oblivion..