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    Tunisia Live is a team of young, independent journalists bringing Tunisia's story to the world. Founded just after the 2011 revolution, we present culture, current events, and personal experiences to our audience through articles, photos, and videos. We value objectivity and balance, and provide an outlet for voices and ideas from every walk of Tunisian life.
  • ramla
  • Executive Manager| ramla@tunisialive.net
    Ramla Jaber worked with several international media outlets to report on events in Tunisia during the Arab Spring. In 2011, Ramla volunteered in the cabinet of the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment as a communication advisor, where she defined and implemented the crisis communication strategy. Previously, Ramla had worked for HR Access, a subsidiary of Fidelity Group, as a communication officer. In 2004, Ramla volunteered in the NGO Section of the Economic and Social Council of the UN in New York where she was responsible for the applications to the consultative status of NGOs with the UN. Ramla studied in Tunisia, France, and the United States of America.
  • Youssef Gaigi
  • Operations Manager| youssef@tunisialive.net
    Youssef Gaigi is a co-founder and operations manager of Global Productions / Tunisia Live. Youssef was awarded the Fulbright scholarship in 2007 and holds an MBA degree from Boston Univesity.
  • Ahmed Hergal
  • Marketing Intern| ahmed.hergal@gmail.com
    Ahmed is Tunisia Live’s online marketing intern. He is currently completing a master’s program in management and marketing at the Mediterranean School of Business in Tunis. He previously studied at IHEC in Carthage. He is interested in marketing strategy, branding, and consumer behavior. He has experience in survey design, implementation, and data analysis.
  • Aman Rizvi
  • Editor| amanrizvi@college.harvard.edu
    Aman Rizvi is an editor and journalist in the Tunisia Live newsroom. He is a third-year undergraduate at Harvard University in the United States, especially interested in politics in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. He has lived in the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, and the United States, and speaks English, Hindi, Arabic, and some French.
  • Asma Smadhi
  • Journalist| asmasmadhi2@gmail.com
    Asma Smadhi is a journalist reporting on national affairs, politics, and culture. She is pursuing an MA in Intercultural Studies at the Tunis School of Human Sciences (ISHHT), and previously obtained a BA in Literature, Civilization, and Linguistics at the same school.
  • Imen Blioua
  • | blioua.imen2014@gmail.com
    Imen Blioua is an intern journalist in Tunisia Live. She has previously worked as a journalist and translator for Tunisia Communication Media at the International Press Center. She was also the Secretary General of the Tunisian Child Support Association. Imen speaks Arabic, English, and French, and is currently pursuing an MA in Translation.
  • Jacob Jaffe
  • Editor| jake@tunisialive.net
    Jacob is an editor and journalist with Tunisia Live. He has a master’s degree in security and development studies from The George Washington University and has experience with international assistance programs in the Middle East and North Africa. Jacob speaks English and Arabic. He has lived in Jordan and Egypt before arriving in Tunisia.
  • Safa Ben Said
  • Journalist| safabensaid89@gmail.com
    Safa Ben Said is a journalist and content production manager in Tunisia Live newsroom, where she covers news, politics, and culture. She received her master's degree in English communication from the Higher Institute of Languages of Tunisia. She speaks Arabic, English, and French.
  • Tristan Dreisbach
  • Editor| tristan@tunisialive.net
    Tristan Dreisbach is Tunisia Live's former editor. He previously worked on peacebuilding and statebuilding issues at the NYU Center on International Cooperation. He writes on politics, economics, and culture. He speaks English and German, and is studying Arabic. Tristan received an MA in Politics from New York University and a BA from the University of Michigan.
  • marwa
  • IT Manager| marwa@tunisialive.net
    Marwa is Tunisia Live's IT manager. She studied computer science and software engineering at the Private Higher School of Engineering and Technology (ESPRIT). She also studied Mathematics and Physics at the Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies in Al-Manar (IPEIEM) and graduated with honors in mathematics from the Pioneer School of Kairouan.
  • Aymen Ben Mansour
  • Cameraman & Graphic Designer| aymenbm.archi@gmail.com
    Aymen is a graphic designer and architect with over two years of experience in the field. He worked in several architecture firms before. In 2011, Aymen graduated with a degree in Architecture from the National School of Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis (ENAU). He learned to apply the principles of architectural design for project designs, creating aesthetically pleasing work. His illustration style is lighthearted and combines simple concepts with expressive color combinations. Aymen's work at Tunisia Live includes animations, web design, posters, banners, and graphics in the site.