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The Academy
We know that our continued success as a media organisation depends on our people.
To continue providing new and varied content for our readers, we’re offering training to the next generation of Tunisian journalists. We’ll equip them to produce the kind of world-beating content that’s going to get them—and us—noticed.

How It Works
The training program will run 13 weeks, and candidates will work alongside some of Tunisia’s best media professionals in developing their skills in a wide range of mediums.
At the end of the 13 weeks, trainees will turn in a final project in a medium of their choice.
Upon successful completion of the project, they’ll be given a certificate and welcomed into Tunisia Live’s open newsroom as contributors

The picture is what draws us into a story and makes us want to know more. We’ll talk you through the basics of photojournalism and the role it plays in delivering the news.

Working with professional camera operators, you’ll get the the coaching you need to make news videos that are going to amaze the world.

Editing can be the difference between an OK news packet and an awesome one. Allow us to show you how.

Presenting is the center of every TV news item and there’s more to it than just having good teeth.
Over six hours, we’ll give you the basics to writing and structuring your own TV news piece.

Working with established print journalists from around the world, we’ll talk you through the basics of news and feature writing and structuring your news story to ensure it packs the most punch possible.

Radio remains one of the most popular ways to receive the news. With little but their own skills and imagination, radio journalists must structure sound to place listeners at the very heart of the story.
To apply, you’re going to need amazing English and, more importantly, a burning desire to join a global community of media professionals.
Perhaps you’ve written for other organisations before, or been involved in running a website. Whatever you’ve done, we want to know about it.Send a copy of your CV and cover letter to:
Whatever you want to do, presenting, shooting or writing, your journey starts here.