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Asma Ghribi



City: Tunis

Biography: Asma Ghribi is currently Tunisia Live’s managing editor. Asma joined Tunisia Live on April 2011 and has been reporting on both political and social issues. Following the collapse of the Ben Ali regime, she assisted several foreign media outlets, including Al Jazeera, BBC, CBS News, NPR, the Globe and Mail, and others. From September to November 2012, Asma was awarded a UN fellowship and covered the UN General Assembly and Security Council. As a UN correspondent for Tunisia Live, Asma conducted interviews with Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, among others. Ghribi’s international experience includes as well an internship with DC-based news website, The Daily Caller, during which she assisted journalists reporting from the White House and on the Occupy DC movement. Asma Ghribi started her journalistic career in 2008 with Tunisia’s first online radio where she had a socio-cultural weekly show. Asma’s areas of interests include media, press freedom, transitional Justice, among others. She is also pursuing a master’s degree tackling the subject of media in countries in transition, using Tunisia as a case study.

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