Is Tunisia Ready for a Green Economy?

| 04 April 2012 10:26 am Infographic Photos


Bernard Yaros



Biography: Bernard Yaros is a story editor and business writer. During his time at Tunisia Live, he has written extensively about the challenges facing Tunisia's post-revolutionary economy, the local startup ecosystem, and the fiscal policies of the current interim government. He is passionate about international development and entrepreneurship. Prior to Tunisia Live, he worked in Sana'a, Yemen, where he taught ESL at the Lebanese International University and New Horizons Center. He left the South Arabian country amidst its revolution in the summer of 2011 and decided to make his next move to Tunisia where the Arab Spring first started. He is bilingual in English and Spanish and fluent in Classical Arabic. Since he has been in Tunisia, he has learned to speak the Tunisian dialect and improved his French. He graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Political Economy from Williams College in 2010.

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