In the last fifteen we have provided fixer services to many TV and Video Productions of CNN, AJE, BBC, CBS, PBS, TF1, and many other broadcasters. A fixer is a local coordinator, or field producer. Our fixers are highly experienced professionals. All are fluent in English and some speak additional languages: French, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

We are considered as the best fixer production service company in Tunisia. We also worked in Libya and understand the Algerian context well. We offer producers a wide range of services to facilitate an affordable production at the highest professional standard.

We often provide productions with a full package of services - from initial research , coordination, filming and post production. In many cases, the correspondent or producer are the only ones traveling to Tunisia, while we are responsible for the professional crew and production staff. In other cases, we are working together with a visiting crew and provide them with any services they require here.