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The Pub at Golden Tulip: English Style Tavern in Gammarth

15 November 2011 | 0 Comments

For those in Tunisia looking to try something new, The Pub is a far cry from a lounge or a coffee shop. Tucked away on a hill behind The Golden Tulip Hotel, The Pub is a bar with an atmosphere quite different then that you might expect to find in upscale Gammarth, a northern suburb of Tunis. Located approximately 25 minutes north of Tunis city center, The Pub offers live music, food, drinks, and an ambience reminiscent of an old English tavern.

The Pub is divided into 2 rooms, each with a cash and service bar. Warmed by the sounds of the band and billowing with smoke, the main room is dimly lit with wooden tables and chairs. Naturally, this room seems the livelier of the two, as the space between tables turns into a dance floor when the music plays. A Celtia (a popular local beer) will run you about 4.5 Dinars, and you can place your order with a server or at the bar yourself. The room adjacent looks more like a nightclub after the lights are turned on, and appears to be there mostly to handle the overflow of people from the main room.

If you are interested in getting a bite to eat, The Pub offers chicken wings, delicious pizza, and other bar style food. However, with the price of a margherita pizza at 13 Dinars, expect to spend a bit more then you may at any “fast food” restaurant downtown. The Mediterranean pizza is an especially tasty dish. Served with tomato, mozzarella, and various types of seafood, the Mediterranean Pizza has a great crust, is well prepared, and is all around a terrific pizza pie.

If you are planning on making a night out at The Pub, be prepared for a loud and lively evening. With the band starting around 11pm, the main room fills up rather early so if you hope to get a decent table arrive around 9pm. Friday night is the best night to go to catch live music as the band Route 66 has a weekly gig at The Pub on Fridays. Combining a mixture of blues and rock & roll, and singing in English, Route 66 are a local fan favorite who keep The Pub moving late into the night.

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