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    Hussein Abassi was born on August 19th, 1947 in Sbeikha, Kairaouan. Abassi began his career as a teacher, and later became the dean of students in a high school. In 1983, Abassi became a member of the General Union for Deans of Students before becoming a member of the regional union in Kairaouan. In 2002 Abassi became head of the Kairaouan regional union until 2006, when he was elected as member in the Executive Office of the UGTT. The UGTT is Tunisia's largest and most active national trade union. The organization was founded in 1946 by the Union's iconic leader Farhat Hached. Abassi was unanimously appointed as Secretary General of the UGTT on December 29th, 2011, by the 13 newly elected members of the Executive Office. Abassi was the front runner of the first list in the elections. The second list, under the leadership of Ali Romdhane, is said to have been established as a means of creating regional balance. The appointment of Abassi as Secretary General of the UGTT was implemented at the conclusion of the Union's 22nd Congress, which began Monday, December 26th. Abassi succeeded Abedssalem Jrad as the Scretary General of the UGTT. Abassi has four children, one of which is a university professor in economics.