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Moncef Marzouki was the leader of the center-left party CPR (Congress For the Republic) until he became the fifth Tunisian President as of December 12, 2011. In 2001, Marzouki founded the Congress for the Republic Party (CPR), which took the second highest number of seats (29) in the October 23rd Constituent Assembly elections.

October 21st, 2011 marked the last official day of the electoral campaign, and the Congress for the Republic held their closing rally in the Labor Stock Market office in downtown. Party leader Moncef Marzouki delivered an emotional but upbeat message focusing on overcoming the challenges left to Tunisians after 23 years of dictatorship.

After the revolution of January 14, the CPR emerged on the political stage and received its authorization on March 8th, 2011. According to the party, its main target is to ensure “the sovereignty of the people, the dignity of the citizen and the legitimacy of the state.” The party is known as being against the interference of money in political life. Moncef Marzouki accused Ennahda, the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) and the Free Patriotic Union (UPL) of buying votes.

The party is recognized by its symbol: the glasses. It is considered a sort of self-deprecation, as Moncef Marzouki is famous for his glasses. The party also specified: “this product is free of political funds”. The slogan of the party is: “for a clearer vision”.

Moncef Marzouki studied at the University of Strasbourg and graduated in 1973. He conducted research abroad and then came back to Tunisia and taught general medicine at the University of Sousse.

He occupied several key positions such as head of the Tunisian League of Human Rights and head of the National Committee for the Defense of Prisoners of Opinion.

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  1. DM says:

    RE: Calling For World Peace

    We must find a way to END this Cycle of VIOLENCE. I commend The International Red Cross for making an effort to work with BOTH the Government and Opposition Groups to provide HUMANITARIAN aid to the People of Syria. This crisis in Syria could have been resolved months ago if other world leaders would make similar efforts.
    GREATNESS should be measured not only by the amount of power that we have, but what we do with the power that we do hold.
    I vehemently opposed this VIOLENT (cowardly, disproportionate) overthrow of the Libyan government or any government that has not presented an imminent threat to other nations. The United Nations, a peacekeeping organization, should not be supporting any VIOLENT path toward peace and democracy. This cycle of VIOLENCE must end. In fact, the choice is no longer between violence and nonviolence. Now the choice is between nonviolence and nonexistence. In addition, it is wrong to use immoral means to attain a moral end; however, it is just as wrong to use moral means to attain an immoral end. Two wrongs do not make right. NONVIOLENCE direct action is the best way to resolve social and political conflicts. If you want WAR and more wars in the region, you take sides. If you want a PEACEFUL resolution for the people; stability, true and lasting change for the country, for the region, you work with both sides. Hence, what is this saying about anyone who rejects efforts for a peaceful plan toward peace and freedom? No Confidence: What kind of peacekeeping organization chooses sides in a violent conflict? For me, after Libya, The United Nations and NATO have lost all credibility. Why should anyone ever believe anything that they say about anything. ANY injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
    The United Nations by authorizing the use of the worlds superpower to provide military cover in Libya so that the opposition groups could advance and EXECUTE government leaders was clearly an ABUSE of both The United Nations and NATO‘s authority as well as the spirit of this organization. We are truly witnessing a very ugly chapter in world history.
    Today, because of the United Nations’ Grossly Mishandling of the conflict in Libya, there is a groundswell of discontent in Libya that further threaten the security of this region even after the BARBARIC execution of Gaddafi and his sons. Shamefully, the U.N. and the Arabic League laid the groundwork for this blood thirsty path of death and destruction. According to reports: In January, the Council’s President in Libya was mobbed by angry students. There is consistent torture, extrajudicial executions, rape of both men and women. Detainees in Libyan prisoners are being subjected to torture leading to many deaths. Militant groups now have access to large quantities of weapons and ammunition which affects the security of neighboring countries.
    Frankly, this is a terrible precedent that The United Nations, The Arab League, and NATO have set for the world community and is making a complete MOCKERY of the true meaning of democracy, freedom, and a just system for all people. So I say Enough! Enough! Enough! This type of aggression is unsustainable and must be corrected.
    This is 2012. The 21st Century, not 7th Century B.C. Not negotiating with the opposition groups, Setting free campsites on public land, Plotting to take cities by force, ASSASSINATING world leaders, firing on people from rooftops and fighter jets, killing unarmed human beings in their homes, hospitals, or religious institutions do not accurately represent the democratic process; and it is SHAMEFUL for anyone, anywhere on this planet, to say otherwise, especially Members of The United Nations.
    There is no time for some powerplay. Blood is flowing throughout the streets of the Middle East. People are dying. Someone must speak the complete TRUTH; stop MISLEADING and EXPLOITING these vulnerable young people in their quest for democracy, freedom, and a better life. With FREEDOM comes responsibilities. No nation was built by one person. BOTH the Government and the people must find a way to work together for their country, for their people.
    First, let me be very clear. I SALUTE all people who have democratic aspirations, hopes for the riches of freedom and sweet liberty; for having the COURAGE to pursue a better life for themselves, their children and grandchildren; I thoroughly understand the long long struggles for freedom and a just system; however, VIOLENCE is not the answer.
    VIOLENCE by the government or by the people is VIOLENCE. In fact, violence only begets more violence. This Cycle of Violence must END. No Ifs, Ands, Buts; Both the Government and Opposition Groups must be encouraged to end the violence. NONVIOLENCE is the best way to resolve these social and political campaigns. In any nonviolent campaign there are four basic steps: collection of the facts to determine what injustices exist; NEGOTIATIONS; self-purification; and then non-violent direct action.
    For there to be true and lasting CHANGE, there must be the possibility of RECONCILIATION. Again, no nation is built by one person. Democratic Societies cannot survive on this “My Way or the Highway” ideology. Both sides must see some benefits. Both sides must also make sacrifices. If this is to be achieved, we must reject revenge, aggression, and retaliation. Following this approach will help us emerge into a new phase of the conflict with the right attitude (mk).
    Let’s be honest now: Look at Libya, clearly this was a bait and switch–Arms Embargo, Sanctions, Travel Ban, No Fly Zone, Protect The People, you say. The UN Security Council would have never supported the Libyan Resolution had they realized that NATO would continue and relentlessly drop bombs on Libya until Gaddafi and his sons were KILLED; or forced his wife and pregnant daughter to flee their homeland. If this was really about Democracy and restoring peace in Libya, why did the NTC refuse to negotiate a PEACEFUL resolution to end this deadly conflict? If this was about being just and fair to everyone, why did NATO, the world superpowers, provide cover so ARMED groups could advance on government forces even in the cities where the people opposed the rebels. If this was about protecting human rights, why are people being tortured and executed today. What kind of peacekeeping organization would sanction these heinous acts, regardless who committed them? Is this the plan for Syria, Assad and his family? What about Bahrain, Saudi Arabia? Well, I say shame, shame, shame on all of them for allowing this selfish, heinous, barbaric behavior happen in name of The United Nations.
    Throughout history, economic and psychological affects often cause extreme groups and ideas to appear very attractive. Every crisis has both its dangers and opportunities. It can either spell our salvation or doom. All of the people of the world, without regard to political systems, will have to discover a way to live in peace and harmony.
    It is imperative that the WORLD COMMUNITY rethink the role of The United Nations and NATO. We simply cannot continue to march down this blood thirsty path of death and destruction; otherwise, we are all doomed.
    PROCESS, PROCESS, PROCESS. The focus must be on the process: Protecting and Respecting Human Rights, Following Nonviolent Practices, Peaceful Protests, Free and Fair ELECTIONS, Establishing Just Laws, Electing People to Represent one’s interest and values, Resolving disputes in the courtroom, the boardroom, or the ballot box; not taking cities by force, OUSTING leaders from office, assassinating world leaders, firing on the population from rooftops and fighter jets, killing unarmed people in hospitals or religious institutions. Let us hope that this dark cloud passes away and this deep fog of misunderstanding will be soon lifted from our lives.
    How we deal with this crucial issues will determine our moral health as individuals, our cultural health as a region, our political health as a nation, and our prestige as leaders of the free world (mk)
    Peace Be With You and People Around The World

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