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    Moncef Marzouki was the leader of the center-left party CPR (Congress For the Republic) until he became the fifth Tunisian President as of December 12, 2011. In 2001, Marzouki founded the Congress for the Republic Party (CPR), which took the second highest number of seats (29) in the October 23rd Constituent Assembly elections. October 21st, 2011 marked the last official day of the electoral campaign, and the Congress for the Republic held their closing rally in the Labor Stock Market office in downtown. Party leader Moncef Marzouki delivered an emotional but upbeat message focusing on overcoming the challenges left to Tunisians after 23 years of dictatorship. After the revolution of January 14, the CPR emerged on the political stage and received its authorization on March 8th, 2011. According to the party, its main target is to ensure the sovereignty of the people, the dignity of the citizen and the legitimacy of the state. The party is known as being against the interference of money in political life. Moncef Marzouki accused Ennahda, the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) and the Free Patriotic Union (UPL) of buying votes. The party is recognized by its symbol: the glasses. It is considered a sort of self-deprecation, as Moncef Marzouki is famous for his glasses. The party also specified: this product is free of political funds. The slogan of the party is: for a clearer vision. Moncef Marzouki studied at the University of Strasbourg and graduated in 1973. He conducted research abroad and then came back to Tunisia and taught general medicine at the University of Sousse. He occupied several key positions such as head of the Tunisian League of Human Rights and head of the National Committee for the Defense of Prisoners of Opinion.