At Tunisia Live it’s all about news as the events unfold around us. Tunisia Live is a news portal dedicated to the North African country of Tunisia. Here, authors have the utmost goal of provided quality and informative stories from Tunisia. The goal is to report news covering the state in politics, culture, sports, technology, agriculture and many other sectors of human endeavors. The North African region cannot claim to be totally free from all vices including unemployment, poor governance, conflicts, and natural disasters. In the midst of all negatives, Tunisia has waxed strong in areas of telecoms, democratic governance, energy, and social amenities and other sectors of the economy.

No one can tell the story the way it should if there is no committed interest in the area. We are strongly committed to the region and the Tunisia State. The need to cover the North African country in the area of news and information dissemination is a call we have chosen to answer to get people properly informed on happenings in the region. We believe we can deliver on our promises to provide reliable and verifiable news on the North African region.

We see many positives in the country and not just about wars and troubles around. We believe our role to be a voice to the nation and its development is a worthwhile task we hope to pursue. We are committed to portraying the country’s image in a way it should without necessarily taking sides in any stories we publish on this platform.

Current news, happenings around the world and the African region has a strong place in our hearts. Top news media all around the globe have given us a good foundation to continue building on. We, therefore, cannot let them down in the quality of news delivery to our loyal readers. It is a legacy we cannot afford to live up to.

It is not only in us to keep the building solidly firm. We urge all to help in the redistribution of the useful information they find in here. Together we can achieve much by getting people well informed about the happenings around them.

At Tunisia Live, the mission is clear; Current, authentic and reliable information distribution summarizes the role to be played by the portal for Tunisians and the global region. We understand the region quite well and are determined to be true to the information made available.

We hold ourselves responsible to stand on what we publish by critically examining what is made available to our numerous readers.

At Tunisia Live we envision a state where information is accessible to all in whatever format they can quickly find one to add value, get enlightenment, and discover current information which can help others around.

The Future

Information should not be costly for anyone in the world to have when he wants it. The future we look to is a great one that offers all race, culture and political affiliations the right to information.

Today’s technological advancement has given a pathway we hope will further improve to help people with information they are looking to have.

Together we look towards a future and a world where improvement on information distribution in all formats are accessible to all with no age, ethnicity, gender, cultural and regional barriers standing on the way.